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Welcome to the Fluffy Fannies affiliate program, an excellent way to generate more revenue with your website.

We do all the work! Fluffy Fannies will provide you with all the links you need to be able to track the sales you originate. Simply copy and paste the code we supply into your website. With an easy to use interface, you will get notification immediately an order has been approved. 

Interested?  Here's how it works (please read through this before signing up)

If your account is approved (you will receive an email letting you know), you will be able to log into your account and see an Affiliate section. There, you will find an affiliate link. This link is what you will share in order to earn credit. Every time a customer purchases something through your link, it will show up in your affiliate section, if the transaction is approved.

Once your account is approved, you will earn up to 5% of the sales! You can choose whether you would like cash (via PayPal) or store credit. 

We are only accepting a limited number to start. So if your account does not get approved immediately, please be patient with us. We will add more each month.


Please note, you will NOT receive commission on personal sales. Your affiliate link should only be used to share the store. You will also only earn commission for customers that you bring to the store. Therefore, you will only earn commission on NEW customers, or customers that have not shopped with us for one year (or more). 

If you are approved, you will receive an email with more information. Please respond to that email, to let us know you received it.

Interested!? Go ahead and sign up! We are so excited to finally start rewarding you for doing what you've been doing all along: Sharing your love of the store!!

Create your account and move forward with the affiliate program today!

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