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Posted by Mandy on 5/1/2017

Seeking: 1 part-time sales associate for our Staunton storefront 

 What exactly does a sales associate at Fluffy Fannies do? One thing about small business and retail, each day will be different than the last! 

 The store is currently open:

 11-5 Tuesday

11-5 Wednesday

11-5 Thursday

11-5 Friday

10-4 Saturday

 Additional hours may soon be added.  We will discuss those additional hours/availability before an interview takes place. 


Expected Duties To Include:


  receiving, sorting, pricing and shelving new inventory

  cleaning (you would not believe the amount of lint a billion pounds of cotton products will generate on a daily basis)

  educating, educating, educating (cloth diapers, baby carriers, natural family products - all require a level of understanding, and it would be your job to help teach, in a succinct and understandable manner, just how these products function in a family's day-to-day life)

  packing up online orders

  ringing up customers

  merchandising the windows and in-store displays

  executing opening and closing checklists

  reorganizing constantly.  #BecauseBabies #BecauseToddlers

  assisting with inventory audits

  making googly eyes at new babies

  Frequent Social Media Posts


  10-20 hours per week

  shift lengths vary from two to six hours

  must be able to lift 40lbs

  Saturday availability required (1-2 Saturdays per month)

  To start immediately upon hire 

  Prior retail/sale experience is preferred, but not required.  Demonstrating sales ability may be required as part of the interview process.

  Reliable, honest, trustworthy. References required. 

  Experience with cloth diapers and babywearing much preferred but not necessarily required. We are looking for intelligent, outgoing, self-motivated folks who will fit in well with our store.  We like to joke around.  A lot.  But, we also like to #SellAllTheThings. We are looking for someone who takes their work, but never their self, seriously.  

  • While we LOVE having moms bring their babies to work, please understand that not ALL babies are “store babies”.  Therefore, bringing babies to work will be determined on a case-by-case basis.




  Please send a cover letter and resume to me at fluffyfannies@live.com

                     Not sure what to include in your cover letter? Here's an outline of questions we lovvveeee to ask: 

                                       At Fluffy Fannies we are a small family business, and see our employees as an extension of this family. We want the dynamic to be fantastic for everyone! Why do you want to work for us, and what makes you a good fit? 

                                       With the prevalence of big-box stores carrying cloth diapers and baby carriers, how do small stores such as Fluffy Fannies compete? And, by extension, what does the phrase 'shop local' mean to you? AND, do you shop with us? Have we met you? 

                                       Many of our customer interaction is focused on education, as most of the items we carry in the store are a brand new foray for the families who come in, and will require some 101. What past experience - personal or professional - has prepared you well for this education component? 

                                       Which of our products are your personal favorites? 

                                       Anything else we should know about you?

                     Please be sure to also include availability, total hours desired, and wage requirements in your cover letter 

                     Please also include names/phone numbers/email addresses of at least 2 references.  1 personal reference + 1 professional reference.    

We look forward to hearing from you! 


***When we have fulfilled this position, we will edit the top of this post to say "position fulfilled".  We keep all resumes on file for 6 months.  If you are not chosen for the position this time, we may contact you in the near future, should the need arise.  

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