Diaper Dawgs Hand Mitt

Diaper Dawgs Hand Mitt

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Diaper Dawgs

Meet Diaper Dawgs: Mom’s Best Friend in Cloth Diapering!

Diaper Dawgs™ were created by a mom for moms. The founder decided to scratch her own itch of making laundry day a little less gross when she glanced over and saw her silicone kitchen mitt hanging on the oven door and thought, “I wish I had a mitt small enough for my fingers to grab these wet inserts!”

Diaper Dawgs composition are much like their oven mitt counterparts. The difference comes in Diaper Dawgs’ unique sizing. They are patent-pending, flexible, slip-on silicone gloves that act as barriers between fingers and soiled inserts when separating pocket-style or all-in-two cloth diapers either after a diaper change or when sorting the dirty diaper pail for laundering. Have you ever cringed while touching your baby’s dirty cloth diapers? You need a pack of Diaper Dawgs™!

Diaper Dawgs make cloth diapering…

  • more sanitary by reducing direct contact with a baby’s soiled cloth diaper inserts and covers
  • easier to launder with a gripped jaw that “fetches” soiled inserts from cloth diaper pockets or all-in-two cloth diaper snaps
  • more enjoyable with a fun, compact dog design and complimentary color sets…the perfect “companion” for the cloth-diapering mom!

most versatile dawg
I love our finger guards milo and buddy. They so cute and useful. They really help for super yucky clean ups. I use to not only separate my pocket diapers but to also swish my all in one's. I love how you can easily at them down if you have to step away while rising. My daughter also thinks they are the cutest little finger puppets. They keep my son entertained during diaper changes and is a big benefit. I need multiple sets of these.
Reviewed by:  from tn. on 1/18/2016
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