Fluffy Fannies is so excited to launch our brand new consultant program!  
What is a Fluffy Fannies consultant? 
It is someone who is passionate about cloth diapers and wants to spread the fluffy love to other moms and dads in her community.  It is someone who is a natural parenting advocate and believes that educating the public is an integral part of her job.

  Why should you consider becoming a Fluffy Fannies consultant? 
  • First and foremost, you will be an educator and advocate for natural parenting products.  You will be known as the local cloth diaper expert in your area.  How exciting is that!? 
  • Secondly, all consultants will earn an income based on their performance.  You are in charge of how much you earn!  Commissions will be tiered, based on your sales each month.  We have set it up this way to encourage maximum sales.  At this time, we are NOT looking for consultants who just want to buy their own stash, and then maybe make a sale or two on the side.  We want SERIOUS applicants, who are serious about promoting their business.  
  • Flexibility: You have the option to work on your own schedule!  Are you only able to work on the weekends- no problem!  Can you only work a few days a week?  That's ok too!  You have the ability to work as often as you'd like.
  • Support:  You will be added to our private consultant/employee page, where we all will share tips and advice to support one another.  You are encouraged to share anything that you have found helpful!  Aside from sharing with other consultants, you will also be in constant contact with me and my storefront employees.  Why is that important?  Because THIS is what we do!  We see people all day, every day, and help them make the best choices for them and their families.  We do cloth 101s, carrier fittings, registry consultations, and much more each and every single day.  We have the ability to help YOU grow your business.
Is there a startup fee or application fee?
Yes and no.  There is no application fee, but you will be required to purchase a demonstration box that costs $299+ shipping.  How many businesses can you start up for under $300!? This box will be used to demonstrate our products to new/potential clients.  Touching and feeling the products are SO very important!  This is a major benefit to shopping online.  You want to have your kit with you as often as possible.  You never know when a sale could happen!  All demonstration pieces must be kept in new condition.  Often times, people may want to purchase on the spot.  You want to be able to accommodate their request!  However, this is not to say that we expect you to keep inventory on hand.  You can do so if you choose, but the best part of owning this type of business is that you DON'T have to have your own cash tied up in inventory.  Let us take care of inventory for you.  Please do not use your own stash in your demo box.  We understand that sometimes, you may want to show a diaper that has been fully prepped vs. how it looks brand new (just to keep things real!), but please be very apparent that this is a diaper that has been washed several times and is NOT new.  Please also use your discretion and only show items in like-new/excellent condition.  The last thing we want is for clients to think that these diapers don't hold up well over time.  

Is this an MLM?!
Absolutely NOT.  You do not, and will not ever, earn a commission off of another consultant.  You do not earn anything for getting another rep to sign up.  Your earnings are only dependant upon what YOU sell.  Our mission is to provide the best education for natural parenting products as possible.  We want QUALITY over quantity!

Who are we looking for?
If all of the above sounds like YOU, then you may be just who we are looking for!  Additionally, we will not accept any applicant that has a physical natural parenting/cloth diaper storefront (B&M)within a 30 mile radius.  If you are SERIOUS about cloth diapers (and have preferably been using them for at least 6 months), please fill out the google doc below.  Please understand that you may not hear anything back from us for at least 30 days.  Please also understand that we will ONLY accept 2 applicants per month, so if your application is not accepted initially, we will keep it on file for our next hiring process.  

As a final note, we are NOT a co-op or buying club.  If that is what you are looking for, please do not apply.